We Moved to New Orleans

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We just (August 2023) moved our primary residence to New Orleans for a couple of years. We were thinking of moving to Europe but Jackson is still in high school and this seemed like a better fit. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

The practical reason is our oldest boys are at university here and it was an opportunity for us all to be in the same place before the boys scatter to wherever the winds of work sweep them after graduation.

New Orleans is worth a look

New Orleans is like a separate country inside the United States. Theoretically there are laws and stuff like the rest of the country (I question this at times) but there are a lot of differences that make for a fun quality of life. Here’s a quick list:

Things I Love:

  • Heavy French Influence
  • Beautiful architecture - houses and commercial buildings
  • It’s a proper city but not that large - it’s on the small side. You can understand it fairly quickly.
  • Houses and commercial (restaurants, stores) co-located everywhere
  • Streetcars / Trolleys
  • SubTropical vibe - Sun, Heat, Overgrown Vegetation, Humidity, the whole thing
  • Heavy Jewish presence. Which was shocking to me but cool
  • The Entire City shuts down to Party for a few weeks at Mardi Gras
  • The French Quarter is very unique and gives the city a PLACE (you can decide what that means)
  • Live music in abundance
  • Arts, Music and Creativity are in abundance here
  • People that live here seem to be here for the overall party at some level
  • Bars are open 24 hours a day - I go to bed at 9:30 when possible so the bars being open 24 hrs isn’t really a factor for me, sadly
  • You can have alcohol in public, walking around etc - Being able to walk around with a drink and not be an outlaw is occasionally a bonus
  • Great, vast selection of restaurant & food options
  • Warm water Gulf of Mexico close by

There are some downsides:

  • Very hot in the Summer. It’s not Palm Springs hot but it’s warm and crazy humid
  • Beignets and Po’boys. Don’t get it, yet.


  • Chickory Coffee
  • Mississippi River
  • Hurricanes & Flooding - seems like this could be fun on occasion

Moving to a new city is always a rollercoaster. We’re in the honeymoon phase right now obviously so I’ll check in later when we’ve been around for a while.

Come check us out.